We Are One - a Series of Short Films on Norfolk Migration


We Are One is an essential watch in our current times. It is a series of short films which tackle the way migrants can be stereotyped in Norfolk and highlights how important migration has been for the county. 

Drawing on local stories, talent and history, the series takes us on a journey from East Anglia’s beginnings to modern day. It inspires, educates, and entertains.

“All of the problems that people have with migrants, they don’t relate to me, they have created a migrant who doesn’t exist.” 

“We all want the same, we need to find what’s in common and build a better future.” 


Why has migration become a dirty word? Experience the reality of this term. 

Hear from those who have set up a new home and how even if you have always lived in Norfolk, the colour of your skin can mean some view you as an outsider. 

The stories are bought to you through BBC artists, COLL and Piers the Poet.

Whilst the term ‘migrant’ may separate us, We Are One in our contributions to Norfolk. Come and celebrate our shared history.

Are you interested in hearing more about the films and their processes? There will be a free Post screening discussion, on Zoom at 8pm on the Premiere day, 10th April.  We will be joined by the people behind the films.  To attend this discussion, please click this link.

A massive thank you to the Arts Council and the Kick the Dust Programme for making this series of short films possible.

To help the venue feedback on their new project “Rewriting Rural Racism”, we would be grateful if you could please complete this survey after watching the films.



Please note that this series of short films is suitable for ages 12+