Outskirts - A one man show featuring Ashton Owen


Outskirts is a semi-autobiographical coming of age story, written and performed by Ashton Owen. Set in North Norfolk, we follow Aiden’s journey as he navigates his final years of high school. 

“High School is rough, especially when you’re the only mixed raced kid in school. Aidan’s determined to make the best of his final years at school, but who knew that Miss Bailey’s English class and the annual school play could change everything…”

The show will premiere virtually on 22nd March and it will be available until 31st March. Tickets are £5. On the premiere night, there will be a post-discussion via Zoom at 8pm, with Ashton, the production team and the audience. Please click this link to join.

A massive thank you to the Art’s Council for making this show possible, we cannot wait for you to watch it. Could you also please complete this small questionnaire after you have watched the show?



Please note that this show is suitable for ages 12+ And contains strong language that some people may find offensive.